What is a UX/UI Audit?

In a nutshell, a UX audit sets out to measure how effective your website or app is in delivering what your users need and want. They help you see how well you’re doing in terms of meeting user needs, as well as improving things like conversion rate, loyalty, and even ROI.

When you have a website or app, sometimes people can have trouble using it. That’s because maybe the buttons are too close together, or the text is too small, or the website is just too confusing. So what I do is look at your website and try to use it just like a regular person would. And then I write down all of the problems that I’ve encountered.

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Helpful content
It is important to keep your website updated with helpful fresh content, easily accessible to the user. Google will rank site highier in the results page
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Bounce rate
This is when someone visits a website and leaves without going to any other pages on the website. This may be caused by bad UI.
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Pages per session
It indicates the average number of pages on your website that users access per session.
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